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Things to consider before buying Iron board

Looking at the heaping pile of wrinkled clothes is the worst nightmare for all of us cleanliness freaks. If you are tired of bending down on the bed or looking for other places to iron your clothes at home then a good iron board can make your life a lot easier. We have compiled some points to keep in mind while buying an iron board that will help you choose the one that you need.


Iron board is made of raw materials with different widths of cold rolled steel for a better surface. Make sure the iron board has an anti skid pvc material at the legs to make it stable.

Flexible height

Choose an ironing board with movable height. It’s supposed to be set at a hip level, when standing. A flexible board is simpler to change up or down according to height.

Board size

Ironing boards come in different sizes. A huge ironing surface will give you more comfort than a smaller one e.g. For slacks full-sized pieces of clothing or linens, extended board over a shorter is preferred.

Padding and cover

Iron boards come with a padding and a cover. The covers are made up of textures like cotton, metallic or silicone etc. to keep the clothes from sticking and reducing warmth.


No matter how alluring a lightweight ironing board sounds, if too much pressure is applied it might fall or tip over. A sturdy and steady board will help avoid these hassles.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What size ironing board do I need?
Size of Ironing Board. If you have room for a full-size ironing board, choose the widest ironing board that you can find for easier, more effective ironing. A full-size ironing board is one that is at least 4 feet long and 12 to 18 inches wide.
Does an ironing board make a difference?
Ironing boards come in different sizes to oblige different types of clothes. … If you have space for a full-size ironing board, pick the amplest ironing board that you can find for less demanding, more viable ironing. A full-size ironing board is one that is no less than 4 feet long and 12 to 18 inches wide
How long is a standard ironing board?
Size: An average full-size ironing board is 54 inches long and 15 inches wide. Professional ironing boards are usually 63 inches long and 19 inches wide. If you have space, wider is better. Frame: A lightweight board is easier to set up and take down, but should have a sturdy stable frame.
What about the ironing board cover?
An ironing board cover should have good padding and be scorch resistant, as well as being smooth. Many are treated with silicon to make them stain resistant. A non-stick surface prevents the clothes clinging to the board, while a reflective surface allows you to work with more heat and get the job done more quickly.
Any other features to consider?
Any other features to consider?
Make sure the board has a metal mesh top, as this allows steam to pass through and evaporate.

Other extras to consider include a flex holder to avoid the cord getting caught; a sleeve attachment, which clips onto the main board for ironing sleeves and smaller items; an iron rest to prevent the iron falling off the board; and a hanging rack to store clothes on before putting them away.

How high should your ironing board be?
A full-size ironing board is one that is at least 4 feet long and 12 to 18 inches wide. Height. Most people prefer to do their ironing while standing up.
Why do you need an ironing board cover?
It helps to prevent the ironing board covers becoming soggy due to condensation after a few garments have been ironed. The cover of the ironing table should present a smooth surface to facilitate ironing.
Can you wash ironing board cover?
Washing. You can wash an ironing board cover to remove dust, dirt and debris buildup from its fabric. …
If the care label states to hand wash the cover or the cover doesn’t contain a care label, remove the cover from the ironing board’s frame then wet a sponge with lukewarm water.

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